Changing the Linksys Default Password

Changing The Linksys Default Password

Linksys routers have the ability to use password function to protect the connection through wireless connections. This makes it possible to restrict Internet access to unauthorized users. Sometimes the password may get lost or corrupted and may even just be preconfigured if you get the router from a secondhand source such as a yard sale or hand me down from an upgrade. If so, then a password reset may be required to be able to re-secure and have access to your wireless network. The process is simple and requires little actual work towards resetting.

Resetting the Router Password Process

The Linksys wireless router models have the password reset function built into the router directly available for anyone wishing to reconfigure the unit. The only thing that needs to be done to reset the password on the router is to hold the reset button for 10 seconds or so. This sends the function to reset the password settings on the hardware to factory settings to be reconfigured by the user. If you do not need password protection for your wireless connection, then you could stop at this step and use the router without special protection, encryption and minimal firewall features enabled. If you wish to further secure and encrypt your connection, continue to the next steps.

Reconfiguring Your Linksys Router

To set a password and change other settings on your Linksys router, you will need to navigate your browser window to the IP address “” to get to the configuration screens. Simply type in or copy the IP address into your browser window without the quotes to access the configuration page for your Linksys router. If you are prompted for a password on older wireless router models, the password will be set to “admin” by factory reset with a blank username. In newer models, “admin” needs to be in both fields to access the configuration page. Under the management tab, various options will be available to you for making changes to administrator passwords and enabling WAP or WEP encryption to protect your networks from unauthorized access by individuals within your transmitting range.

Importance of Protecting Your Wireless Network

It is important to protect your wireless network from unauthorized access as certain settings of routers and computers connected both wirelessly and through physical cables. Computers that have inadequate security enables can be compromised and important or personal files and other information may be made available to strangers and individuals that can use your information to ruin your credit or cause other collateral damage to assets and even cause exploitation and invasion of privacy. Configuring your wireless Linksys router to have encrypted and restricted access is an important priority and the least you can do to help protect your computer from other attacks as well. Hacking is a serious issue and can happen to anyone that is unprepared or ill protected by limited security measures.