How to Change the AOL Password

How To Change The AOL Password

Changing your password often helps to protect your AOL account from being used without your permission. This also keeps individuals with criminal intent from accessing important information to use towards performing illegal acts or using personal information to ruin your credit. The process to change your current AOL password is simple and can be done easily on a regular basis to help ensure that your account is inaccessible by intruders.

Process of Changing AOL Password through AOL Browser Toolbar

Locate and select the Settings menu item from the AOL toolbar to access the password management option. Once you select the Passwords option, locate and select the Change Password option to access the password changing control function. It will prompt for the current AOL password which you must provide to successfully change the password. You will then need to enter the new AOL password then confirm a second time to make sure that you did not input incorrect characters to prevent loss of access to your account in the next login. You then need to click on the Change Password option to complete the process. Your password should be successfully changed now and will be useable the next time you need to log into your account.

Resetting AOL Password

If you forgot your password to log into AOL you will need to reset it to be able to successfully log in. You will need to verify membership information, then you will be granted access towards resetting the password. There are two ways to reset the password through AOL software and through an External Browser.

Process for AOL Software

wYou will need to launch the AOL software to gain access to the password reset function for your account. On the sign in screen you will be prompted to enter your password. Select the account name that you use to sign into AOL and click the Forgot Password option. You will be prompted to type in characters located in an image called a captcha code. This captcha code will consist of random characters and numbers that you must reproduce in a correct sequence to go to the next step. Once completed, you will be taken to a security question of your choice which you have previously provided an answer to. When you provide the correct answer, you will be directed to the password reset function.
If you have not set an account security password, you will be sent an email with a link to set up your security question to a secondary email address for you to follow and then set a security question. This requires you to provide the first and last name of the account holder, and set an account security question for use with your account. Once it is set, you can continue towards resetting the password to a new password of your choice. Once completed, and you continue through the prompts, you may now sign in to your account using your new password.

Resetting Your Password through an External Browser

If you use an external browser to sign into your AOL accounts, you will need to direct your browser to You will be greeted with the same login screen as the AOL software provides. The process is the same as in the AOL software and must be completed in the same manner. At the end of the process you will be sent a message to your alternate email address regarding the recent password reset and change. This helps to alert you of unauthorized changes so if you receive this message without going through the process of changing your password, you can disallow the confirmation of the password change and prevent unauthorized users from accessing your accounts.