How to Change Your Hotmail Password

How to Change Your Hotmail Password

Hotmail email services provided by Windows Live have been a very reliable email service for many years. To ensure that your privacy and other personal emails remain safe from unauthorized eyes, you will need to perform regular password changes and upgrades to difficult to guess phrases or arrangements of letters. This helps to keep intruders out of your personal email box and allows you to enjoy your private emails with the highest levels of security on your part. Changing your Hotmail password does not take very many steps and can be done by anyone who has an active account.

Process Of Changing Hotmail Password

You will need to log into windows live using your current email and password. Then you will need to find the options tab of your live account to select the more options choice. You will then select the “View and edit personal information” link under the “Manage Your Account” header. There will then be a password reset information section which harbors a link titled “change” right next to “password:******”. Click the change link to navigate to the password changing page of windows live. You will be prompted to enter your most recent/current password and type in a new password. They provide a password strength meter to help you determine whether a password is very secure. Once you verify the password in the next password re-entry box you will have the choice to select the option for password expiration every 72 days. This option is simply to allow you to be reminded to change your password at an interval of 72 days by requiring you to change your password for increased security.

Adding Security Questions

If you have not yet added security questions to your account, you may be prompted by the service to do so now. You should select options that are personal and other people will not know, yet is easy to remember so that you may gain access to your account if you forget your password in the future.

Completion of Password Change

If you have a secondary email address attached to your account, you may receive a message there prompting you to review the changes to your account. If you did not make any changes, then your account may have been accessed by someone other than yourself. You will have the option to cancel the changes to your Hotmail account or to confirm the changes to the account. Usually if a response is not given within an allotted time period, Hotmail may acknowledge the absence of a response as a positive change since there was no cancellation of changes. It is important to monitor secondary email addresses for changes pertaining to hotmail and windows live accounts.