How to Set Your Linksys Router Password

How to Set Your Linksys Router Password

Linksys routers are very high quality and make networking easy for most average users.  Without setting a password, these networks are left open for anyone to snoop into without any real restrictions.  Setting up your Linksys router to have wireless encryption and password protection is important to safeguard your personal data from anyone who is within the transmitting range of your wireless router access point.  The process is not too complicated and most average computer users can do it without damaging their network configuration.

Linksys Router Password Setting Process

The first thing you need to do is navigate your Internet browser of choice to the configuration IP address of “” in the address bar without the quotation marks.  This is the configuration panel for all wireless Linksys routers and will prompt you for a password.  On older Linksys models, you will have to only enter “admin” into the password field while leaving the username field empty.  In the newer models you will have to put “admin” into both fields to access the main configuration panel options.  From here you will be able to set the administrative passwords as well as change configuration settings to secure your wireless connection.

Setting Wireless Connection Password

When you set the WAP or WEP encryption settings, you can submit a password or code to allow access to your wireless network by wireless enabled devices.  Once configured, this will restrict access of the wireless connection to devices that are properly configured to the wireless network and have the access password will be able to connect and use the network resources.  This is useful for protecting personal files and other important data that you do not want getting into the hands of people with mal intent.  This also restricts access to your internet connection and can be useful when you have set bandwidth limits and do not want to risk going over your allocated Internet credits by having strangers use your Internet connection.

Resetting If You Incorrectly Configure Your Network Configuration

When you make a mistake and you are unable to access the control panel of your Linksys router, cannot access your network, or you forgot the password to the router you can easily reset the device to factory settings.  The process takes only a few steps and you could reconfigure the router using the same steps mentioned in the above password setting process.  First you will need to find the reset button on the back of the Linksys router and press it for 10 seconds to send the reset signal.  This brings the router back to factory settings and allows you to set a new password and reconfigure any settings that may have made your network inaccessible.  If the reset method does not work, you can simply unplug the router from the power source and wait 10 seconds to do the same as pressing the reset button.  This cuts the power and allows the router to load up with the reset function.