Reset Your Dell Bios Password

Reset Your Dell Bios Password

When your Dell computer has protection to the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) and you need access to add hardware or change settings you will need to follow special steps to get into the BIOS.  If you do not have the original password, you may need to contact Dell to receive the master BIOS password to your machine.  Otherwise, there are certain steps you can take towards resetting the password on your own.

Resetting BIOS Password in Dell PCs

Most Dell PCs such as the Dimension or Optiplex models can have the BIOS password reset through some simple hardware changes.  To attempt this on these and similar models you will need to know how to locate and remove the Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) Password Reset Jumper (3 Pins).  If you need assistance to find this jumper on your motherboard, you will need to consult the documentation of your machine or attempt to locate it yourself (Only if you know what you are doing or you risk damaging your motherboard).  Once located you must remove the jumper plug from pins 1 and 2, transferring over to pins 2 and 3 to set to set the reset process.  After 5 seconds, you will need to remove the plug from pins 2 and 3 and transfer back onto pins 1 and 2 to continue with the reset function.  This will clear all of the CMOS settings to be reconfigured on the next startup.  You can then set a new BIOS password and configure your devices and other motherboard settings.

Resetting BIOS Passwords for Other Dell computers

Some models such as laptops and newer PCs will require a master password to reset the BIOS password to your own selected password.  To obtain the master password you will need to contact Dell Technical support and provide the service tag and express service code information to verify ownership.  In the event that you were not the original owner of the computer, you will have to complete and submit a transfer of ownership form on the dell website.  You will need to provide the same information from the computer in the form to be able to transfer ownership to the new owner of the computer.

Alternate Method to Reset Dell BIOS Passwords

If the previous methods are not available for you to reset the BIOS, then one last resort is flashing the current bios to an upgrade or reinstalling the BIOS for your specific machine.  If you can find the resources to flash the bios, you will be able to run an executable BIOS flashing software to reinstall the BIOS software onto the BIOS chip to completely reset it.  This process should only be done by professionals or you may risk damaging chips and other hardware in your system.  You can find detailed instructions on how to flash your bios located where you find your specific Dell Bios upgrade or current version.  Once completed, you will be able to reset the BIOS password and configure your system.

Important Information to Look Over Before You Reset BIOS Passwords

Using any process that resets your BIOS can strip the CMOS of all configurations.  Get into your CMOS control panel before you attempt a reset to record your configuration.  If you cannot access the control panel because of the BIOS restrictions, then you will need to know how to configure your system after resetting the settings.  If you do not know how to successfully configure the devices, your computer may not load properly or certain features may be disabled.  Always consult user manuals or find a similar machine that you can study configure options to try and configure you other machine with these same settings.